For more than 25 years, FFC has received incredible support from passionate and loyal members, partners and fans. As a result, FFC is privileged to hold a prominent place in WA, with that privilege comes the responsibility to play a greater role in our community and demonstrate our genuine care. 

To guide our way forward, we have looked to our past. The focus of the Purple Hands Foundation reflects FFC’s rich history, which extends back to a time well before the AFL, and throughout our first 25 years. 

The Fremantle Football Club has always been extremely passionate about the WA community. We have created a charitable Foundation to make a positive and lasting impact on people’s lives. On the field we are striving for the ultimate success. Off the field, through the Purple Hands Foundation, we are creating a legacy for future generations.

- Dale Alcock – President, Fremantle Football Club

As a Club we proudly draw on the “Fremantle spirit” of picking up a mate when they fall, looking out for those less fortunate and working hard for others. Together we stand for: 

  • A deep love of the game and an appreciation that participation in sport enhances Health and Wellbeing
  • Understanding that Education and Leadership of young people nurtures champions in our communities
  • A proud history of promoting Respect and Inclusion, which celebrates diversity and champions Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and the development of women in WA

Driven by these three areas, this is how we will leave a legacy of communities focused on a sustainable future, this is how we will make our mark.