• WA has the highest level of First Nations incarceration in Australia.
  • In WA, Indigenous children have the highest rates of out-of-home care in Australia.
  • The gender pay gap in WA is the largest in Australia (at 21.4%).
  • Women in WA are experiencing increasing rates of family and domestic violence, as well as sexual violence.
  • Social isolation and loneliness can be harmful to both mental and physical health.
  • Disconnection from community is a risk factor to developing loneliness.
  • 4% of people in WA have a disability.
  • Barriers to participation and lack of inclusive accessible opportunities are the largest reasons people with a disability do not engage in community-based programs. 


Support and empowerment of Indigenous-led organisations to design and deliver programs. To conduct all activities with a “gender and inclusion lens” particularly in policy making, program design and delivery. 


To listen to and support Indigenous leaders working to strengthen their community and prioritise the wellbeing of females throughout all programs. We will take a place-based approach to social impact as we believe investment in inclusive, united and thriving communities is vital to individual and collective wellbeing.